About GunLaw Community…our Vision

GunLaw Community is a unique and innovative organization designed to help two audiences…

  • Gun Owners, Gun Enthusiasts, Gun Companies, and Families that own guns
  • Attorneys passionate about helping their gun owner clients so they can be better prepared through knowledge and planning

GunLaw Community is about building a community of gun owners who want to know more about the laws that affect them while connecting to other gun owners and attorneys. We share interesting and informative stories while providing a platform for discussing issues important to gun owners.  We focus on gun owner goals, values, concerns and issues.  It is all about sharing and “watching each others’ backs” in an area consisting of equal parts passion, uncertainty, constant government involvement, and the law. 

We help connect you to Attorneys who have a legal practice with a focus on Gun Law.

The right to keep and bear arms is central to our American way of life, right behind freedom of speech.  Pretty important, wouldn’t you say?  But because we have rights, we need to understand them and honor them.  We need to be responsible and accountable for what we say AND what we do.  Having a right is only part of the deal…

We want to help you be more responsible with how you handle the legal aspects of owning firearms…for you and your loved ones. We are a COMMUNITY…we come together to help each other and to share what we have learned. We are fanatics about using Social Media to accomplish this since it is the most powerful form of communication in our lifetime. We use Blogs, twitter, facebook, and other social media channels to connect us when we have time or distance between us.

Each of us can explore and discuss a variety of topics and EVERYONE benefits. We are focused on niches. We believe having a site specifically dedicated to Gun Owners is important to Gun Owners.  We don’t believe in “one-size fits all”.  The law, when understood and applied, protects you through purposeful action, empowered by and within our GunLaw “virtual” Community. When you want to know about the law, hear stories of others, and learn from real life experiences, GunLaw Community will be here to support you.

For Gun Owners, MEMBERSHIP is FREE. There are no hidden fees or other nonsense…we are here to help you better understand the law as it relates to owning firearms. We will offer you more in-depth ways you can learn more or get specific training as part of the Community. These will be separate ways you can enhance your knowledge, skill, and application of the law. These will all be offered at individual prices you can take advantage of in your own location by Gun Law Attorneys.

So please JOIN US in the conversation and share freely! We look forward to having you as a MEMBER!

Blaine Millet, President and Co-Founder

Dennis Brislawn, Chief Legal Officer and Co-Founder

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