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Do I Need a Gun Trust – Part 2
To follow on from our earlier discussion of WHY you need a gun trust, here are some additional thoughts and insights you should consider when asking yourself if you need a Gun Trust. Three types of ownership for your Gun Trust... Individual Ownership - the simplest structure if personal firearms are involved...Liability risk is borne by the individual...a Gun Trust provides better planning and control, including a legal framework for beneficial transfers. For a business or for multiple owners other than married couples - business entity ownership is advisable preferably an LLC. Combining one or more gun trusts [more]
Do I Need a Gun Trust? Part one
In this episode of Fire Away (questions) Dennis talks about why you need a Gun Trust. There are some very specific reasons and benefits every gun owner should consider when deciding whether or not they should get a Gun Trust. Generally, there are 3 ways most people pursue getting a Gun Trust... Do It Yourself – generic, no gun instructions, possibly invalid Attorney with conventional living trust. Not written for guns Purpose-built gun trusts (the BEST solution for a firearms collection) There are several Benefits of a "Real" Gun Trust... Written guidance to comply with gun law Keeps Control in [more]
What is a Gun Trust?
In this episode of Fire Away (questions) Dennis talks about what exactly is a gun trust. This is a straightforward description of what a gun trust is, how it's used, and some key elements that make a Gun Trust completely different from a standard trust. Basically...a Gun Trust is a legal box to own firearms and certain accessories. It is a "Purpose Built" trust designed to avoid "accidental felonies" by giving you three things... Holding LEGAL TITLE to regulated and non-regulated firearms Provides LEGAL BENEFITS for lawful beneficiaries selected by the client Allows for LEGAL TRANSFERS of firearms by [more]
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