Gun Law, Gun Trusts and Attorneys

Picking an attorney to help you is really critical.  Documents are no good if they do not work, if you do not understand them, or if you cannot get your questions answered.


  • What if your attorney does not know about gun law or gun trusts?
  • What if you do not have an attorney or even know one?
  • What if you find an attorney from another state who simply has a local attorney deliver documents?

Wouldn’t it be best to have a local attorney who can help you now and help you later?


1.  Tell your attorney about GunDocx™.  He or she is welcome to purchase the legal education, the trust system, and can join our growing community of gun owners and knowledgeable attorneys here at GunDocxLAW.  All of us can learn together and explore issues involving gun owners and gun law.  You will have your own, local attorney who cares about you, your family, your gun collection and gun rights.

2.  Find a local attorney.  See #1 above.

3.  The simplest solution is to connect with a GunDocx™ Lawyer on the Find An Attorney page.  Attorneys listed here have the software, have taken the legal education online, in person, or both, and have also joined GunDocxLAWYERS.

What does it mean if an attorney uses the name “GunDocx™ Lawyer?”  The attorney can’t just buy the software and take the course… it takes more because it means more.

Every attorney needs to stay sharp and up to date on gun law.  How does that happen?  Local bar or state bar associations rarely, if ever, talk about gun law and certainly not gun trust law.  Gun law attorneys need to know other attorneys, so they can ask technical legal questions, grow in gun law knowledge, get some support and encouragement.  Even if an attorney does all this… can prospective clients even find him or her?  Does the attorney take out an ad or send mass emails out?

Joining GunDocxLAWYERS enables an attorney to do all of these things.  And your attorney may be interested in this as a way to help existing and gain new clients, too.

If you know an attorney, point him or her to to check it out.  If you ARE an attorney – join us.  Our growing community of attorneys are PASSIONATE and COMMITTED to serving gun owners the best way they know how.

This is cool for an attorney… staying independent, since GunDocx™ Lawyers is not a law firm but is merely a community of attorney colleagues who subscribe.  We lucky attorneys who are supported by communities like this practice “for” ourselves but NOT “by” ourselves.  Belonging to a professional community means that somebody always has your back…

Attorneys helping attorneys help you.  Wait, this sounds like a typical gun owner view of life, doesn’t it?  And each client gets a local attorney with the tools, education and a support community to have the client’s back.

That’s the real power of GunDocx™.  There’s really nothing else quite like it, anywhere.

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