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If you are an Attorney and would like to visit our “Attorney ONLY” pages for specific information on how we can help you with your Gun Law Practice, you will need to REGISTER AS A MEMBER to enter this area of our site. Our REGISTRATION process is new so if you have a password we sent you, that will no longer work to access the site. You will need to create your own personal MEMBER REGISTRATION and then you will have full access to the attorney sections on our site.

  • IF YOU ARE ALREADY REGISTERED…proceed directly to LOGIN page and enter the user information you created when you signed up and you can access the site
    • NOTE: If you requested a “Password” from us early on, this is no longer valid, please sign up and create your own MEMBER REGISTRATION by clicking the link below.
  • IF YOU HAVEN’T YET REGISTERED OR HAVE AN OLD PASSWORD…you can easily register by filling out the form on our ATTORNEY MEMBER REGISTRATION page

Thank you for visiting GunLaw Community for Attorneys…we look forward to helping you create a totally awesome gun law practice to serve the gun owners in your area!

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