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We have one primary passion...to help Gun Owners be more knowledgeable about Gun Laws so they act responsibly and not end up in jail. We are a "Community" of Gun Owners...designed to Interact, Engage, and Share information so we can all Help each other be more prepared.



Read more about "Why" and "How" we accomplish this as well as our Founders, Blaine Millet and Dennis Brislawn. Let us know how we can help...

American Gun Laws

Citizen Defender™

We help armed citizens understand the LAW so you can make the best possible choices, know your options, and increase the likelihood you go home instead of to jail. It is unlike any other gun-oriented training program available today. We teach “Scenario-based Tactical Gun Law”.

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We write and share stories about GunLaw. They are designed to give you insights, helpful information, and more knowledge so you can be better informed about being a Gun Owner. While we don't give legal advice, we can share stories to help you make better decisions. We can also connect you to an attorney in your area if you need to speak to someone.



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FIRE AWAY is where Gun Owners, like you, can watch and listen to us talking about important issues every Gun Owner should know about the law. These are the answers to YOUR QUESTIONS...think of it as a Gun Owners FAQ (Fire Away Questions)

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Stories from our Blog...

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Do I Need a Gun Trust – Part 2
To follow on from our earlier discussion of WHY you need a gun trust, here are some additional thoughts and insights you should consider when asking yourself if you need a Gun Trust. Three types of ownership for your Gun Trust... Individual Ownership - the simplest structure if personal firearms are involved...Liability risk is borne by the individual...a Gun Trust provides better planning and control, including a legal framework for beneficial transfers. For a business or for multiple owners other than married couples - business entity ownership is advisable preferably an LLC. Combining one or more gun trusts [more]
Do I Need a Gun Trust? Part one
In this episode of Fire Away (questions) Dennis talks about why you need a Gun Trust. There are some very specific reasons and benefits every gun owner should consider when deciding whether or not they should get a Gun Trust. Generally, there are 3 ways most people pursue getting a Gun Trust... Do It Yourself – generic, no gun instructions, possibly invalid Attorney with conventional living trust. Not written for guns Purpose-built gun trusts (the BEST solution for a firearms collection) There are several Benefits of a "Real" Gun Trust... Written guidance to comply with gun law Keeps Control in [more]
What is a Gun Trust?
In this episode of Fire Away (questions) Dennis talks about what exactly is a gun trust. This is a straightforward description of what a gun trust is, how it's used, and some key elements that make a Gun Trust completely different from a standard trust. Basically...a Gun Trust is a legal box to own firearms and certain accessories. It is a "Purpose Built" trust designed to avoid "accidental felonies" by giving you three things... Holding LEGAL TITLE to regulated and non-regulated firearms Provides LEGAL BENEFITS for lawful beneficiaries selected by the client Allows for LEGAL TRANSFERS of firearms by [more]
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