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There Are Lots of Choices…the ANSWER Depends on the NEEDS

One thing we see from the GunLaw Community perspective is what goes on around the country in a variety of aspects as it relates to Gun Law and Gun Owners. With all the differences in state laws it is sometimes difficult to know exactly what gun owners should be focusing on when it comes to securing a Gun Trust for the handling of their firearms. Maybe we can help clear this up a bit…

With the massive adoption of the Internet, everyone can find practically anything they want with just a few clicks. The volume of information and services is literally overwhelming in most cases. Take gun training and instructors…there are thousands…maybe hundreds in your own area. How do you choose or how do you know where to even start? This is the case for many other aspects of firearm ownership…including Gun Law!

One of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of Gun Law Attorneys is a Gun Trust. Why? Because when one is carefully constructed, it can serve as an incredible instrument for protecting your firearms and your family/loved ones. Not constructed correctly, it can almost be worse than not having one at all. But if you go into the internet and type in “gun trusts” you will probably find them offered from practically everyone…from gun stores, to trainers, to even attorneys. So having lots of CHOICES isn’t the problem anymore…it’s knowing which one meets your NEEDS.

What we hear from lots of gun owners out there is that “All gun trusts are not created equal…and don’t work the same way.” In other words, one size does not fit everyone. And what seems to be a big issue is that the gun owners NEEDS are not being met by some of the “quick and dirty” trusts being sold in places other than through attorneys. It’s understandable…they aren’t attorneys so they don’t know what questions to ask. This means many of the trusts either don’t hold up or they are written so the ATF won’t accept them. Suffice it to say…there are issues with many of the trusts in the market today.

At GunLaw Community we don’t sell anything to gun owners…we are simply trying to be a resource to connect you with high quality Gun Law Attorneys and share interesting stories to help you in the area of gun law…like this one. We will also be connecting gun owners to other resources in the future, all for free of course…that is what we are about. Because of this, we get to see and hear lots of stories from our gun owner audience. Here’s what we found out…

Gun Owners have very specific needs and most are not met unless they work with an attorney. Many start out with other sources but end up going to an attorney because something isn’t working right or isn’t meeting their needs. So our recommendation is to just start with a qualified, gun law attorney. Another piece that comes up is the “experience” they have in setting up a trust. Without a doubt, the best experiences we hear about come from their interaction with an attorney, not other sources. The other sources are generally quick and easy and a simple form but no real interaction or deep questioning. This rarely meets the gun owner’s needs…and thus they go see an attorney afterwards.

So our STRONG RECOMMENDATION is to save you some time, money, and anxiety and just start with a qualified Gun Law Attorney. If this is where you’ll end up anyway, why not just start there. We would love to hear your thoughts, experiences, or other ideas…always! This is YOUR community!!

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