Everything successful starts with strategy…Our Social Media Marketing System is no exception.  We start by working with you to design the strategy and the appropriate theme based on your specific needs and what you want to accomplish with your Gun Law practice.  Here is how the initial strategy and set-up works and what you get…

  • High level Strategy discussion and development of your Theme.  The blog is the foundation and cornerstone to leveraging social media to connect with your clients and prospective audience.  It is your primary method to to share relevant content and connect with your “local community of gun owners” in a way that is “helpful” to them.  Through stories (content we provide to you) gun owners will be able to better understand the legal aspects of owning a firearm and the value of a Gun Trust using the proprietary GunDocx® System.
  • We spend up to three hours with you on the phone (or in person if available) so we can understand what would be most valuable to you as you use social media and our marketing system.  After this session, we will have an agreed upon strategy, recommend a blog theme, and discuss the appropriate details for building/creating your blog.  This first step is critical to setting you on the right track with how to communicate and connect with your audience using social media.  We also understand your level of knowledge and expertise in this area may be limited so we also offer additional education in this area.
  • As part of the strategic planning, we will assist you in identifying a name for their site/blog and the URL needed (which will be purchased separately by the attorney member)
  • FEES:  Our fees for getting started with the Strategy and Theme is $500 and is required as part of the Customer Centric Social Media Marketing System.
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