Shooting Yourself in the Foot… err Hand

It might seem a bit humorous to some but pulling the trigger on a loaded firearm is an intentional act, and there are consequences.  It doesn’t matter if you shoot yourself in the foot (or in this case the hand) or someone else, it is still a serious act.  Check out this bizarre story on MSN where apparently a man in his 40’s shot himself in then hand and his wife in the leg with the same bullet and they both ended up in the hospital.

But wait, this story gets better and better.  Where do you think this happened?  In their house, in the woods, at the gun range – if you guessed these you would be wrong.  It was while they were attending a GUN SAFETY CLASS!!  You heard it right, while attending a class on gun safety they had a loaded weapon and it was discharged into his hand and her leg.   Apparently this all happened after their Instructor left the room.  Lots of questions to be answered for sure in the weeks to come…

Some of the obvious ones might be:

  • Why did Instructor allow loaded firearms in his/her classroom?
  • What were these people doing handling loaded guns when not on a range or in a safe condition anyway?
  • Did they get a safety briefing?
  • Why would an instructor leave the room with people who obviously needed training were left alone in the room?

This is no laughing matter.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN UNLOADED FIREARM.  That’s why the good gun dealers ALWAYS clear a gun every time they pick one up… this kind of habit keeps you alive and keeps your hands and legs intact.  Lots of questions to be answered for the instructor and school.  What are the legal repercussions here?  Is the Instructor or facility liable?  Can the shooter or his spouse sue either or both?

What do you think about this, and what can we learn from this? Share your thoughts – we could be the one in a class when something like this happens.  One lesson I can take away is to insist that the instructor proves every student’s gun is empty and the “orange flag” is in the chamber of every weapon before entering the room.  Other ideas???

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