Legal Issues for Gun Owners

Gun rights and owning guns are important to you.  But owning a gun also carries the responsibility of knowing the law… so you can enjoy them and have Peace of Mind.  GunLaw Community is where Gun Owners come to learn, share, and help each other better understand the legal issues of owning a gun. We share stories, perspectives, discuss legal issues, and anything related to keeping you safe and out of jail.  Here are just a few things you will experience by joining in with your fellow gun owners and being a part of our Community:

Gun ownership, possession, transfer, concealed carry, open carry, self-defense, use of force, and a host of other legal issues

Gun Trust planning to protect you, loved ones, and your collection – a must for any gun owner to understand

Connect gun owners with a local, trained, “gun friendly” attorney when you need to talk with someone who “gets it”

We simply talk about issues relating to Gun Law – we don’t give legal advice.  However, we do have an extensive network of trained Gun Law attorneys if you ever need to talk to one. Just so you know, we don’t get paid a referral fee to connect you with one of them, we just want to help you get a good one.  Thanks for joining the community – this is YOUR community and we hope you SHARE it with your fellow gun owners. Let’s create something great together – it is only as good as those who participate.   READ MORE ABOUT US HERE>>

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