Introduction to Citizen Defender™

“Go to Jail or Go Home…it’s up to YOU”

This is the Course EVERY Gun Owner should take if you ever plan to use your gun for self-defense. If you are ever called upon to defend yourself or somebody else using force…are you ready? Is the law going to be on your side? Are you trained to help you navigate an event to lessen criminal and civil liability risk? Are you really PREPARED to be an armed citizen?

Gun Law Community has created a unique course, CITIZEN DEFENDER™, which is all about helping you answer and better understand these questions. Our primary focus is to help armed citizens understand the LAW so you can make the best possible choices, know your options, and increase the likelihood that you go home instead of to jail. It is unlike any other gun-oriented training program available today. We teach “Scenario-based Tactical Gun Law”. This first Course, Introduction to Citizen Defender™, in a will introduce you to the most critical legal issues for gun owners.

The course is the brainchild of attorney Dennis Brislawn, national authority and recognized speaker about gun law issues. Dennis is also a founding attorney of the Northwest Gun Law Group. He created the GunDocx® gun trust planning system used by hundreds of attorneys throughout the country to help gun owners protect their firearms and their families and has trained over 1000 attorneys nationally in gun trust planning. The legal faculty will discuss their gun law experiences to provide you with insight.

In this Introduction to Citizen Defender™, you will learn…

  • Why the Citizen Defender™ Program is so critical to every gun owner
  • Lawful and Unlawful Use of Force
  • What does it really mean to be an “armed citizen”
  • What you do and how you act determines your outcome
  • What to do before and after a situation occurs
  • Much more on gun law and how it affects you… with time for plenty for Q&A

This is the FIRST in a Four Part Series on Gun Law. More information and descriptions of the other courses will be available soon.

TIME:                                        6:30pm – 8:30pm

COST/TIME:                            $25/person; 90 minutes

COMPETENCY LEVEL:            Beginner to Advanced – All Levels of experience/expertise

NOTE:                                       This is NOT a hands-on Course – A firearm or range gear are not required for this class.

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