Gun Docx™ Trusts – The New Standard

GunDocx-Lawyers-Logo-bold-fontThe Gun Docx™ System is the only comprehensive gun trust planning system designed exclusively for attorneys to use to help protect every gun owner and his or her firearms collections.  The attorneys who use it desire to become a resource to their local gun owner community, and are making an investment in understanding the specific and technical needs of gun owners.

  • The Gun Docx™ System consists of proprietary software that creates purpose-built, customized gun trusts along with a variety of very necessary documents to help you own, share, and pass on your gun collection the way you want.  Why a gun trust?  You may wish to acquire an NFA firearm such as a silencer or machine gun if permitted to own in your state.  You may desire to provide written guidance about dealing with firearms during life or after.  While a gun trust is related to a conventional living trust… a Gun Docx™ Trust is designed specifically for firearms.
  • A Gun Docx™ Trust is a complete management system for client gun collections, one that can be designed for each need, within a budget, and one that can grow with a collection or help distribute it as the case may be.  It’s your roadmap for lawful enjoyment of firearms to help reduce the chance that you or your loved one might commit an “accidental” felony.
  • Gun Docx™ is far more than a trust document or software system.  It is actually a comprehensive system to help attorneys help and advise you and your loved ones about firearms.  You deserve competent counsel, especially where your firearms are concerned.  And, you may just get yourself an attorney you can trust, who is there to help you with other legal issues in your life.
  • You can only get a Gun Docx™ trust through a practicing attorney licensed to use the software.  The good news is that ANY attorney can purchase the software and legal education from WealthCounsel, LLC (not affiliated with GLC) for a very affordable price. There’s even a Gun Docx™ Lawyer community to work with and support attorneys who want to focus on this practice niche, improve their knowledge of gun law, and to be there for gun owners looking for help.

If this intrigues you, go to the Gun Docx™ Lawyers page for more information, or to the Find An Attorney page to hook up with an attorney that, like you, is interested in and passionate about guns and helping those who own them be as “legally safe” as possible. Here are the three levels of Trusts the Gun Docx™ system offers the average gun owner, like all of us in the Community…


The Bronze Edition is intended for NFA firearms only and minimal cost, while Silver and Gold Editions provide customization options.  Ancillary documents are also available to help each gun owner lawfully share his or her firearms with documentation helpful to resolve questions from law enforcement… if that ever occurs.


(NFA firearms only)  Simple, inexpensive trust for NFA collections

Designed to acquire NFA-regulated firearms permitted in one state.  These include machine guns, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, silencers, destructive devices and a category of firearms defined as “any other weapons” in the National Firearms Act.  Each state regulates which may be possessed within that state’s borders.


(All firearms) Available as an individual trust or a joint trust (married couples); specific gun gifts, planning for spouse, heirs, charity either outright or by decanting to a different gun trust; specific gun gifts

The Silver Trust offers perhaps the best combination of benefits and planning options for most gun owners.  It provides detailed guidance for firearms possession and transfer, a marital planning option to continue a trust for a spouse, and/or an option to name remainder beneficiaries, among others.  Ancillary documents provide additional guidance, management forms, and reference materials.


(All firearms) Available as an individual trust or a joint trust (married couples); best for Collectors, multi-state storage/ownership, multi-generational planning, separate gun trust share planning, advanced charitable legacy planning

Gold offers every option in the Silver Edition, plus guidance for more complex estates or collections.  Options include provisions on multi-state ownership, multi-generational use and maintenance of firearms, and advanced charitable planning including charitable gift annuities and charitable endowments.

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