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Need an attorney in your area that understands YOU and also has a passion for working with Gun Owners?  We know a lot of them and their numbers are growing…

Our GunLaw Community is closely tied to WealthCounsel, LLC, an industry-leading company that supports thousands of estate and business planning attorneys and allied professional advisors across the entire country.  It’s well-known to attorneys but is only now becoming known to consumers via a new site for Estate Planning and other personal and business legal services.  Most, but not all, attorneys who use the Gun Docx™ System are also WealthCounsel members.  All Gun Docx™ Lawyers have one thing in common; a commitment to help Gun Owners just like you.  These “gun-friendly” attorneys are dedicated to helping you stay “legal” and safe, avoiding the “accidental felony” that could happen under the wrong circumstances…especially when gun owners, their family members or friends may be unaware of all the laws concerning ownership, possession and transfer of ANY firearm.

We have a LISTING of Gun Docx™ Lawyers who use the Gun Docx™ System and who support our GunLaw Community.  If you would like to get in contact with one of these attorneys, please check our list or fill out the FORM to find a licensed attorney who practices in your state and near you.  Our GunLaw Community provides this benefit without charge to Gun Owners – connecting you with an attorney committed to Gun Law with the tools to write a cutting edge, comprehensive and “real” Gun Trust and answer your gun law questions.

If an attorney is not yet listed, simply fill out the information below.  We will contact you and help you locate an attorney in your area…you can decide what to do next.

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