Do I Need a Gun Trust? Part one

Do I Need a Gun Trust? Part one

In this episode of Fire Away (questions) Dennis talks about why you need a Gun Trust. There are some very specific reasons and benefits every gun owner should consider when deciding whether or not they should get a Gun Trust.

Generally, there are 3 ways most people pursue getting a Gun Trust…

  1. Do It Yourself – generic, no gun instructions, possibly invalid
  2. Attorney with conventional living trust. Not written for guns
  3. Purpose-built gun trusts (the BEST solution for a firearms collection)

There are several Benefits of a “Real” Gun Trust…

  1. Written guidance to comply with gun law
  2. Keeps Control in Grantor
  3. Provides incapacity protection
  4. Protects Privacy
  5. Avoids Probate & Provides conflict resolution
  6. Avoids potential CLEO sign-off/turn down for NFA firearms

Trusts are also best for most individuals because of the following reasons…

  1. Easy to create
  2. Easy to amend
  3. Easy to fund and maintain
  4. Generally no registration or annual fees
  5. Private and confidential
  6. Avoids probate and guardianship

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