Designing and Creating your Website/Blog

Now that we have designed your Strategy and Theme, you need to have a site (blog) where you can tell “stories” and share “content” with your audience. Depending on your individual situation, there are various options available to you.  The Client Centric Social Media Marketing System requires you to have a blog, which can come from one of the various methods described below:

Existing WebSource Users

  • If you are currently a member of WealthCounsel or The Advisors Forum and use The Advisors Forum’s WebSource website and hosting service as your website, you can either have them add a blog to your existing service or you can create a new, more efficient WordPress blog to house your content (see WordPress Blog below for more information).
  • If you either have or decide to add a WebSource blog to your existing system, we will then either provide you with content (blog posts) or we can add the content directly to your blog (depending on the subscription service you decide to purchase).
  • FEES: We will provide content to use on your blog or post it directly on your blog based on the SUBSCRIPTION LEVEL you choose. There is no additional charge for design since the blog creation is your responsibility to provide. We are happy to assist you in the design for an additional fee.

New Blog for Gun Law Practice

  • If you already have an existing website, you simply need to add a Gun Law blog so you can communicate with the gun owner community through the blog posts/content we will be providing as part of our subscription services.  We will create a standalone WordPress blog that will be connected to your existing website so it can be easily found by your existing audience.
  • FEES: This option will be up to $1500, depending on your particular design and requirements (most range from $750 – $1000).

Existing WordPress Blog

  • If you currently have a WordPress blog you want to create yourself into a Gun Law blog, we simply provide you with content as part of our Subscription Services
  • FEES: There are no additional fees if you have an existing blog and we are providing you with our content. Any design or development assistance will be an additional fee, depending on the amount of effort required on our part

NOTE:  Here are just a few final details to keep in mind about these services:

  • We do not provide any graphic design services for logos or branding as part of the services described above. However, we would be happy to discuss assisting you with these if necessary or connecting you with other resources that can provide these services
  • We do not provide any modifications or design services for the WebSource blog sites…this is your responsibility to work with WebSource on these changes
  • The WordPress platform or the WebSource platform are the only platforms we support at this time
  • Hosting your blog is either your own responsibility or provided by the WebSource team
  • Additional education will be available for those interested in information on changing or modifying their WordPress site
  • Content will initially be developed and included in the initial blog set up…starting with a minimum of 4 posts to effectively “launch” your blog
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