Citizen Defender™

There is a lot of great self-defense instruction out there… but we have created something unique and different than what is available today. And it can complement the self-defense portfolio you already have!

Gun Law Community has created a unique course called CITIZEN DEFENDER™. It starts with an Introduction to Citizen Defender™ which introduces the most critical legal issues for gun owners. This is the key building block on the road to better self-defense skills.

It’s all about helping Gun Owners answer their own “what can I do” and “what should I do if” questions where there are usually no black and white answers. A lawyer will tell you, “IT DEPENDS,” when you ask a self-defense or use of force question…but you still need to know what to do in advance to limit your risk of criminal or civil liability. Do you watch a DVD? Read a book? Watch YouTube videos? Focus on shoot/no-shoot drills? It takes MUCH MORE more than that to be safe.

Our primary focus is to help armed citizens understand the LAW so that you can analyze the FACTS and apply it…on the spot. We want to help you learn how to make the best possible choices, know your options, and navigate an event to increase the likelihood that you go home instead of to jail. This course of instruction is unlike any other gun-oriented training program available today.

We teach “scenario-based Tactical Gun Law” through our training cadre of attorneys and firearms professionals. Each element of the training builds on the others… so that you learn critical legal/analytical skills that complement your firearms training.

Citizen Defender™ is a four part, Certificate of Completion program. It has both classroom and practical components. Recently launched in Seattle, WA, it will soon be available in other selected cities throughout the United States. If you would like to add your name to a WAITING LIST so we can let you know when one will be offered in a nearby city, fill out the WAITING LIST REQUEST.

Description of the Citizen Defender™ Courses

Below is a brief description of what is involved in each of the four classes taught by Citizen Defender™ Attorneys. Four practical classes are also being developed which follow the attorney instruction courses and are taught by firearms instructors, in conjunction with a Citizen Defender Attorney.

More details on each course and the relationship with firearms instructor training will be available soon…

CLASS ONEIntroduction to Citizen Defender

What does it mean to be an “armed citizen?” Get some key takeaways to protect you, your freedom… in an event that will change your life forever should it occur.

  • Why Citizen Defender™ Program fills a critical gap in gun owner training
  • Federal and State Gun Law
  • Possession and Transfer Basics
  • Lawful Use of Force
  • Lawful Use of Deadly Force
  • What it really means to be an “armed citizen”
  • What you do and how you act determines your outcome
  • What you can do before and after a self-defense event to lower your liability risk
  • Much more on gun law and how it affects you… with Q&A time for specific questions

Advanced training consists of three additional courses for those that want deeper knowledge… and written tests. Successful testing entitles students to a “Certificate of Completion” from Gun Law Community as a graduate of the Citizen Defender program.

CLASS TWO – Defense At Home

  • Self-Defense Law at Home
  • Review of Home Defense Cases, Pro and Con
  • Discussion
  • Written Exam

CLASS THREE – Defense Away from Home (other locations)

  • Self-Defense Law in Public Venues
  • Review of Self-Defense Defense Cases, Pro and Con
  • Discussion
  • Written Exam

CLASS FOUR – Protecting Yourself from Liability

  • Citizen Defender™ Mindset (Situational Awareness, becoming an “Aware Citizen”, and Creating Options)
  • Scene Management (What to do and say & What Not to do or say after a shooting)
  • Why Choice of Gear matters
  • Training and Documentation as your Pre-Story
  • Insurance Programs, Attorneys, and Your Preparedness Plan

PRACTICAL ONE through PRACTICAL FOUR courses are hands-on versions of the classes. Each is taught by selected firearms instructors following scenarios developed and approved by Citizen Defender Attorneys licensed to practice law in their state.

Attorneys teaching Citizen Defender, like Dennis, are happy to share their gun law experience to provide you with insight to help you stay safe, and get home.

The Citizen Defender™ legal courses are the brainchild of attorney Dennis Brislawn, national authority and recognized speaker about gun law issues. Dennis is a co-founder of Gun Law Community and a founding attorney of the Northwest Gun Law Group. He created the GunDocx® gun trust planning system used by hundreds of attorneys throughout the country to help gun owners protect their firearms and their families. He has trained over 1000 attorneys (and growing) nationally in gun trust planning.

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