Citizen Defender™ Waiting List

We recently launched our inaugural Citizen Defender™ course in Seattle…it was a huge success! We will be doing additional courses in Seattle and around the country. We have a list of cities where training will be conducted, based on the demand from gun owners in the area. If you would like to be added to a list of potential attendees we will be scheduling the cities with the greatest demand first.

There is absolutely no commitment to be added to the Waiting List…it just lets us know how many in a particular area are interested in attending for scheduling purposes. In addition, if the class becomes sold out, you will be given first chance at the opportunity to attend. So simply fill out the form below to let us know you are interested and might want us to hold a spot for you. Thank you…we will get back to you when we have one scheduled in your area and you can check our website for updated locations.

Waiting List Request Form
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