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Do I Need a Gun Trust – Part 2

Do I Need a Gun Trust – Part 2

To follow on from our earlier discussion of WHY you need a gun trust, here are some additional thoughts and insights you should consider when asking yourself if you need a Gun Trust. Three types of ownership for your Gun Trust…

  1. Individual Ownership – the simplest structure if personal firearms are involved…Liability risk is borne by the individual…a Gun Trust provides better planning and control, including a legal framework for beneficial transfers.
  2. For a business or for multiple owners other than married couples – business entity ownership is advisable preferably an LLC. Combining one or more gun trusts as LLC members can provide benefits to non-LLC owners others as trust beneficiaries
  3. Entity ownership – desirable for NFA firearms as it lessens the risk of an administrative turn-down by local law enforcement at the time of acquisition…Entity ownership provides a structure for lawful use by multiple persons and more

Entity Ownership has some “Pro’s and Con’s” associated with it as well…


  • Provides rules or guidelines
  • Avoids CLEO signoff for NFA firearms
  • Adds some asset protection
  • May avoid probate


  • Adds expense and annual filings
  • Adds complexity
  • Business use is often very inconsistent with personal use

Most important…Minimize your Liability with A System! Create a Gun Trust entity, get some education, and maintain your firearms.

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