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One of our primary goals and services is to direct gun owners directly to you and your gun law practice.

We get thousands of views of GunLaw Community and have connected hundreds of gun owners directly to gun law attorneys. We want them to see who you are and to contact you directly. They will either ask us for an attorney in a certain geographic area or go directly to your information on our site. Either way, our goal is to have them get in contact you so you can proceed to share with them about your practice, your services, and your approach. .

To accomplish this, we will publish information about you, your firm, and your practice area strengths which will allow them to learn more about you. We need you to  provide us with this information! For an example, please visit our FIND AN ATTORNEY page and scroll down to the state of Washington and see the listing for Dennis Brislawn. This is what you can have for your own firm and practice!

For you to have a robust, detailed listing on our site, please provide the information below. You can let us know which information you want us to publish. For example, some attorneys may not want their phone number published so they would leave this off their listing. Our default is to publish all the information you provide. Thank you…

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