About GunLaw Community

Gun rights and owning guns are important to you.  You store them safely. You use them safely. You believe in your Second Amendment Rights and personal responsibility.

But owning guns also involves sharing and transferring them from time to time, temporarily or even permanently.  All of this requires some attention to the law… so you can enjoy owning a gun.  Our purpose is to help EVERY GUN OWNER to have Peace of Mind in ALL aspects of owning a gun.

Our GunLAW community of gun owners is a place where we gun owners and gun law focused attorneys can…

  • Learn more about gun ownership, possession, transfer
  • Explore critical legal issues like concealed carry, open carry, self-defense, use of force
  • Understand Gun Trust planning and why it important to protect you, loved ones, and yoru collection
  • Connect gun owners with local, ”trained” gun trust attorneys across the United States
  • Share great gun stories from lots of perspectives

Our site is designed to promote learning… not give legal advice.  For that, you should reach out to a local attorney who understands gun laws applicable to you and your situation.  Attorneys who use the GunDocx™ system are profiled here to give you a head start…

We would love to hear from you – this is your community!  We hope you will share your thoughts, experiences, knowledge, ask questions, and tell your stories.  And above all, we hope you SHARE it with all your fellow gun owners around the country.  Together we can help frame the issues that affect each of us gun owners.  Let’s create something unbelievably powerful and helpful and create some perspective… by sharing our beliefs, understanding, and common interests. Please participate – our community is only as good as those who participate.  Your participation makes this a tremendously valuable site for everyone.  Your stories and concerns make the law relevant… and are what we all need to discuss to benefit from lessons learned or to be taught!  Thanks for being a part our community…

Blaine Millet

Dennis Brislawn

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